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Timbangan Digital DIGI SM-5500 alpha P

  • Color Touch Screen
  • Fast printing Speed 150mm/s
  • 80mm wide print width
  • Linerless Printing
  • Interchangeable cassette
  • Linux Operating System
  • Capacity : 15Kg

SM-5500α, the advanced PC based system scale printer that provides multi-retail solutions at your finger tips. Boost revenue, manage queues and improve operation throughput with the many innovative functions of the SM-5500α and experience the true retail solution that DIGI PC scales can offer.

Multi-media Possibilities

Up sell or cross sell with the multi-media functionality by simply interfacing with 12.1″ customer display.

Queue and Collection management system

Higher Sales Turnover with integrated queue and collection managementSM-5500α integrated queue and collection management provides customers with the convenience to continue shopping while waiting for their turn to be called, effectively reducing walk-away and increasing sales.

Electronic signage solution

Database updates at the server are automatically sent to the e.LABEL and InfoTag, ensuring that pricing is in sync with the checkout at all times.

Hi-Touch function enables fast and easy PLU retrieval by acting as a remote preset key, eliminating the need to memorize PLU numbers.

Fast operation and printing speed

Equipped with a fast processor and printer to provide users a seamless experience. The fast printer provides high speed printing up to 150mm/second so no operation lag will ever  be experienced.

Operator display & on demand printing

Additional information such as nutrition, origin, useful tips and recommended recipes can automatically be prompted to counter staff at the point of purchase to up sell or cross sell whenever the opportunity arises.

Product related information such as recipes or coupons can be printed on demand from the optional TVP-1500Q printer and the built-in optional receipt printer.

PC scale add-on features

The SM-5500 series  can have add-on features like the ECR functions, remote diagnostics and help mode for operators making it a complete and versatile PC based scale.


Download Brochure DIGI SM-5500 alpha B

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