Timbangan dengan sistem layanan-mandiri (self-service) yang mendukung gaya hidup ramah-lingkungan

General Details

SM-6000 SSR/SSP redefines the new normal for self-service, offering a modern-day approach that brings speed, convenience and adaptability needed in this new era of retail.

With self-service, shoppers can use a reusable container and purchase just the amount they need, reducing both food loss and plastic waste from single-use containers. SM-6000 SSR/SSP is an easy-to-use self-service scale that supports consumers’ eco-lifestyle.

Smart Search/Smart Count

DIGI’s time-saving Smart Search function helps customers to swiftly locate items of different categories by filtering results based on item name.

A Smart Count function is also included, which automatically quantifies items by their weight. This helps maintain accuracy in price calculation even when there is a change in quantity during weighing.


e.Sense is a motion-activated sensor that can be installed on container or dispenser to transmit the PLU code automatically to the scale.

Incredibly compact and easy to set up, this eliminates error and effectively reduces shrinkage while allowing ground staff to be deployed to other high-value activities such as inventory management. Check out the video to learn more.


Enjoy a sustainable and packaging-free shopping experience by bringing your own containers! The SM-6000 uses radio frequency identification technology to detect the container’s registered tare weight through its RFID sticker label. Retailers can now cut down on single-use plastic packaging while giving customers the freedom to purchase only the amount they need and help prevent unnecessary wastage.

Linerless labels with auto-cutter

Fit in twice as many label prints on a single label roll without the liner film sheet and enjoy zero backing paper waste at work! Create different label prints of variable lengths at ease and reduce roll replacement for workplace efficiency.

Revel in extra savings on storage and logistics costs as linerless labels require lesser storage space.

e.Label Hi-Touch remote preset keys

Do away with preset keys by using the tap sensor technology. Operators can now easily call up the correct PLU via the e.Label with Hi-Touch. The responsive and competent system reduces human errors and eliminates the need to memorise PLU numbers.

Equipped with the IP67 rating, e.Label is dust and water resistant and is compatible for use with all DIGI PC scales. It is designed with a high contrast ePaper display, ensuring high screen readability for your customers. Engage with your customers by customising with QR codes that can be accessed through a smartphone.

Contactless Self-Weighing Solution

Via Bluetooth technology, customers can enjoy a safe and touch-free weighing process. Average transaction time is greatly shortened as PLU information is automatically transmitted between the scale and the customer’s mobile device. This significantly minimise the risk of cross-contamination within the store while giving both customers and employees peace of mind.


Capacity Max 6kg Max 15kg/ 30lb Max 30kg
Single Interval 1/ 3,000 e= 2g e= 5g/ 0.01lb e= 10g
1/ 6,000 or 1/ 7,500 e= 1g e= 2g e= 5g
Capacity Max 3/ 6kg Max 6kg/ 15kg Max 15kg/ 30kg
Multi Interval 1/ 3,000 e= 1/ 2g e= 2/ 5g e= 5/ 10g



Model SM-6000SSR 8″ SM-6000SSR 15″ SM-6000SSP 8″ SM-6000SSP 15″
W x D x H (mm)
SM-6000 SSR/SSP 515 × 284 × 552 583 × 284 × 708 364 × 464 × 606 364 × 464 × 762
SSR Stand (Option) 580 x 580 x 755
Operator Display 8″ TFT WVGA with Capacitive Touch (480×800)
15″ TFT XGA with Capacitive Touch (768×1024)
Display Resolution 1/3000, 1/6000, 1/7500
Keyboard 18 × Function Keys (For 8″ Operator only)
Label / Receipt Types Liner Less With Auto-Cutter
Roll Diameter 95mm (Max)
Print Width 60mm (Max)
Paper Width 62mm (Max)
Printing Speed 150mm / second* (Max)
Print Resolution 300 dpi
Power Source Compiled to 80PLUS Power Saving**
Operating Temperature -10℃ to +40℃
Humidity 15% to 85% RH Non-Condensing
Standard Interface Ethernet 10 /100 Base T, 4×USB 2.0, RJ11
Options Wireless LAN IEEE 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac, e.Sense, BYOC, Contactless, e.Label with Hi-Touch, InfoTag, Base Station
Factory Options Auto Tilt Sensor, Speed ID
Net Weight SM-6000 SSP 13.7 kg 15.6 kg 13.3 kg 14.9 kg
Net Weight Stand (Option) 32 kg

*To achieve maximum print speed, high sensitivity thermal paper is necessary.


Video DIGI e.Sense

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