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  • TCP/IP built-in.
  • Flexible label formatting
  • Removable label cassette
  • Memory RAM 2 MB
  • Matrix green LCD display
  • Bench model
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DIGI SM series of weights 100 are predetermined by their functionality for use in the harshest environments. It offers high efficiency at very attractive price. They are widely used to store shelves.

The preferred choice for printing scale.

Video how to input PLU in SM-100 series:


SM-100B (Bench type)


15 Kg


Operator & Customer : 32 x 202 full dot matrix LCD Display

Preset Keys

2 Mb

Display Resolution
Paper Width

Label : Max 60mm, Receipt: 40 or 60mm,

Printing Speed

Label: 80mm/s, Receipt: 105mm/s

Label Size

Length: 28-220mm, Width: 30-56mm

Power Source

AC 220v

Standard Interface

Standard Ethernet

Dimension (W x D x H)

387mm x 360mm x 158mm


Download Brochure DIGI SM-100B

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